Contest eligibility requirements: My Summer with Swafing

Participation in the „My Summer with Swafing“ give-away is contingent upon the following terms:

Contest eligibility requirements for Swafing Fabrics, Swafing GmbH, Bentheimer Str. 175-179, 48529 Nordhorn, Germany

By participating in the contest, the participant recognizes and accepts unconditionally the following eligibility requirements and terms:

1) The contest begins on July, 24, 2015  and ends midnight, September 13, 2015.

2) The winner will receive a weekender bag from the Handmade Kultur Magazin.

3) Entry is done through electronic mail addressed to and must include an attached photograph depicting „My Summer with Swafing“. A current email address and street address must be included in the email in oder to win.

Other Ways to Enter:  

  • Post a photo of „My Summer with Swafing“ on the Swafing Facebook Fan Page using the hashtag  #swafingsommer
  • Post a photo on Instagram of „My Summer with Swafing“ tagged with the hashtag    #swafingsommer
  • Publish an image of „My Summer with Swafing“ on your own blog or Web site.

4) Each of the above three instances also requires an email to be sent to with your Facebook name, Instagram name and/or a link to your Web site or blog entry featuring „My Summer with Swafing“.

5) Photographs and comments, which contain insults or personal attacks, advertising for other products, violate current law (especially copyright law), are harmful to youth, contain pornographic, inciting and/or racist statements and/or imagery, and/or violate the Facebook policies and guidelines are ineligible. Such images will be excluded from the contest.

6) With sending or posting an image, the participant affirms that he holds all use rights to the images and the subject matter contained therein, as well as the right to publish. Furthermore, the participant affirms that the posted or sent image is free of encumberment from third parties‘ rights and that the representation and/or presentation of persons does not violate their privacy and/or personal rights (Persönlichkeitsrechte). In case two or more people are recognizable in an image, each and all those depicted must agree to allow the image to be made public. The participant assures that they posses any and all required consent forms. Should third parties claim violation of their rights, the participant releases Swafing GmbH. from all claims and responsibilities. This release includes any and all costs and expenses associated with possible legal actions.

7) Every participant grants the organiser, Swafing GmbH. unrestricted and unlimited territorial, temporal and content use, including, but not limited to digital processing of the the images for the contest, reporting of such, regardless of medium, whether online or analog, and for public relations purposes for the photo contest.

8) Only natural persons over the age of 18 years may participate. Employees of Swafing GmbH and their families are excluded from participating in the contest.

9) The winners will chosen at random and be notified via electronic mail per the email address with which they entered within eight days after the end of the entry period. The winners must notify Swafing GmbH at within 10 business days after the sending of the winning announcement email in order to collect their prize. If confirmation is not received within this time period, the prizes shall be awarded to other participants chosen at random. Ten business days to confirm receiving notification applies to all following winners as well.

10) Prizes are neither substitutable nor transferrable. Cash in lieu and legal recourse are herewith precluded. Should Swafing GmbH not be able for good reason to provide the prize, Swafing GmbH reserves the right to substitute the prize with an item of equal value.

11) For the announcement of the winners, all images, Facebook names, Instagram names and/or blog and Web site addresses and links will be recorded and stored. We do not share information with third parties.

12) This promotion is not done in association with Facebook and is in no way sponsored, organised or endorsed by Facebook. The recipient of the information is not Facebook, but rather the organiser. The furnished information will be used only to contact the winner and for administrative purposes for execution of the contest. Therefore, questions, comments and complaints are to be directed only to the organiser. In addition, the organiser is permitted to contact the participant by electronic mail.

13) The organiser will not be liable for any technical or other problems, which are beyond its control.

14) The only applicable law is the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Should individual terms of the above eligilibity requirements become null and void, the remaining terms shall remain intact and in effect.

This above translation of the „Teilnahmebedingungen“ is provided as a convenience only and the German-language text of these terms and conditions shall apply. In any and all instances, only the law of the German Federal Republic shall apply and the place of jurisdiction is the Federal Republic of Germany.