Terms of Use for Licensed Fabrics

Terms of Use for Licensed Swafing Fabrics

  1. Private individuals may post images of licensed fabric on their social media accounts.
  2. Private individuals may use licensed fabrics for their own private use. Finished items using the fabric may be displayed or posted on social media to serve as inspiration, however, it must be noted, that the finished item is the product of the private individual and that the item is not for sale.
  3. Licensed fabric, whether sewn or unsewn, may be posted on an individual’s commercial web site, as long as it is clearly specified that the fabric is for private, home use only and that the sale of finished items made from the fabric is prohibited.
  4. Sale of finished items using Swafing licensed fabrics is strictly prohibited.
  5. Retailers (wholesale customers, who have purchased the fabric directly from Swafing) may only sell licensed fabric as cut yardage.
  6. Retailers are prohibited from selling finished items made from licensed fabric.
  7. Retailers may show finished items using licensed fabrics as design examples, however, it must be clearly specified that the item is not for sale.
  8. Images of licensed fabric may be used for promotional purposes. Swafing will provide marketing materials including promotional images of the fabric in time for delivery of the fabric. Please note, however, that it is not permitted to recreate trademarks and/or trademarked images, characters and/or logos, nor it is permitted to extract from promotional images trademarks and/or trademarked items and/or characters for use in one’s own images. 



German Version: Nutzungsbedingungen Swafing Lizenzstoffe


Volkswagen fabrics

Please note: Our licensing agreement with the rights holders for these trademarked designs do not extend outside of the EU!