Fabric Highlights Virtual In-House Exhibition February 21

We are so looking forward to our In-House Exhibition highlights: We have so many exciting new products and many, many inspiring design examples to share! We have so many great new fabrics for our upcoming virtual In-House Exhibition. Are you curious? Here they are!


These special Swafing fabrics will be available for purchase only during our virtual In-House Exhibition, from February 12-21, 2021. We will be presenting our In-House Exhibition highlight fabrics one after another starting at 7:00 PM CET, February 11th. (german language). Be sure to bookmark this link and join us in all the fun: www.swafing.de/en/virtual/

Promotional Images

Should one or the other fabric sell out during the exhibition, we will order more! Please note, however, for logistical reasons, our guaranteed delivery does not apply to our Inhouse Exhibition Softshell fabrics, Tulle and knit jersey “Batik”. Those fabrics are only available while supplies last. You may order your In-House Exhibition fabrics until February 21st, 2021 in the Swafing Online Shop.


      1. Knit BENE – three exclusive colours
      2. Designer fabrics for immediate delivery
      3. Designer fabrics – Preorder
      4. Knit jersey fabrics
      5. Tulle & Cotton Wovens
      6. Softshell
      7. French-Terry
      8. Viskose-Wovens

Safety first! No warehouse visits at the moment! Please understand, because of the current world health crisis, we may not permit visits to our warehouse. As much as we would like to greet you personally and enjoy a walk with you through the rows and rows of our amazing fabrics, everyone’s safety must come first. Until conditions change, our warehouse shall remain closed to visitors. But our Online Shop is always open!

Fabric Overview


“Bene” in three trendy colors!

“Bene” has become an integral part of the Swafing range! We have three fashionable colors for you this time around. The slightly roughened knit comes to you in bright heather, bold royal blue and a gorgeous teal blue! 



Ideal for tops, cardigans, casual dresses, knit dusters and so much more. Made in Italy!
The three new Bene colors are for the Swafing in-house exhibition only!


Design Examples: Frauenbaumarkt by Ando. Pattern: Anni-Loop by Annika Domhöver, Maibritt / Ki-ba-doo. Dress Nieke / Fadenkäfer, Size EU-36


Slightly roughened knit, 70% cotton, approx. 170 g/m², Made in Italy.

Designer fabrics



Franjo El Piranho by Thorsten Berger

Oh, let’s escape down into the underwater world of „Franjo El Piranho“! Deep in the murky fresh water lakes and rivers of South America, a bizarre little creature lives. Meet „Franjo El Piranho“. Legend has it that the piranha is a carnivorous beast, when in fact the piranha is omnivorous, preferring vegetation when available. Our fierce and funny Franjo likes to swim in waters warmed by nearby volcanic activity best. Thorsten Berger’s newest fish friend in red and blue is certainly an eye-catcher and is bound to put you in a good mood, with or without the “Feed Me” typography. Each approx. 65 cm wide panel includes two different Franjo fish, to use individually or together on your sewing projects.



Watercolor-like stripes stretch across the entire width of the panel and resemble an underwater world. The stripes are also available as an all-over design–just perfect for sleeves or to add to the panels to make larger, adult wardrobe pieces. But the stripes also are also a great, minimalistic stand-alone fabric.
The other all-over mix-and-match design features lively, colorful water bubbles – or are those bits of bubbling lava?. Choose serene blue blends or bold red blots to create funky fresh and fantastical “Franjo El Piranho” pieces.


OmaLie & FrauFuxx.Berlin Pattern: Luna / bienvenido colorido, Size EU 40. Hoodie Deine Vanja / Meine Herzenswelt &  Fizzle / Fusselfreies, Size EU 134. Wendebeanie / pattydoo. Shirt Greta / Ki-ba-doo, Size EU 42


All „Franjo El Piranho“ fabrics are available in both the red and blue colorways, offering you many, many ways to create a watery wearable piranha wonderland.


OmaLie & FrauFuxx.Berlin: Shirt Pepe / mialuna24 , Size EU 134. Wendebeanie / pattydoo. Shirt without a pattern, Size L. Kimono Tee / Maria Denmark, Size L


Cotton blend knit jersey with 5% elastane, 200 g / m², STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.



My Watercolor Garden by Lila-Lotta

After a long winter, we are so looking forward to really digging our hands into the dirt and tending to our gardens once again! Sandra Prüßmeier-Gonzales simply loves her garden and chooses to spend almost every free moment there. Sandra, inspired by the glorious blossoms and beautiful colours, sketched these gorgeous blossom designs and gave them life in watercolour. This knit jersey collection is a play of light and shadow, and bold contrasts and delicate, watercolour effects–world of opposites in pretty juxtaposition.


Lila-Lotta: Damen Wickelrock mit Taschen / Lunicum, Size EU 38, neverwetdesigns: Jersey Stufenkleid / lillesol & pelle, Size EU 40. Stirnband / Rabaukenliebe. Liivi & Liivi: Lucia Dress and Top / Sewpony, Basic Leggings / Ki-ba-doo, Size EU 152. 


The delicate pink flowers come to life on the background colors of anthracite grey, dusty rose and denim blue. Playful, romantic or bold– your choice of sewing pattern and combining fabrics makes each expression of this design possible! “My Watercolor Garden” knit jersey is ideal for shirts and tops, dresses, scarves and much more. Check out the cozy “My Watercolor Garden” bathrobe paired with terry “Irmel’ design example!


Design examples in our gallery:

Cotton blend knit jersey with 5% elastane, 200 g / m², STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified!



Crystal Magic by Lycklig Design

Across cultures and millenia, people everywhere have been fascinated by gemstones, crystals and minerals. With an eternal beauty, gemstones sparkle and shine in magical and mysterious ways. Crystals take their shape from the highly ordered structure of molecules extending perfectly in all directions. In other words, what you see in your hand is a reflection of the lattice formations of the atoms themselves. As such, some of these earthly treasures, the so-called healing stones, are considered by some to harness and express certain positive energies.

“Crystal Magic” is printed on our high quality Swafing knit jersey, Choose from light mint green with purple accents and a beautiful pastel pink with bright yellow accents.



Taken in by the incredible beauty of crystals, Lycklig Design’s Berit Winter created Swafing’s new „Crystal Magic“ fabric series. A colorful crystal clusters capture the light on a plain pastel backgrounds on the approx. 75 cm high panel. If you just know to look for it, there is magic to be found everywhere. Mix and match three designs in two colourways. The panel fabric features an approx. 24 cm high solo motif next to beautiful crystal pattern. The unusual crystals from the panel fabric is also available as a matching all-over print. Finally, the diamond pattern makes a bold statement of contrasting white against luscious colour bleeds. This photorealistic digital printed design is suitable for tops, dresses, leggings, tops, loungewear and so much more!


Design Examples: Stofftraum, Nina näht & Tinka näht für Roleru


Design Examples: Verliebt & zugenäht, Lycklig Design & Le.Ni.Ki.


Design examples in our gallery:

Cotton blend knit jersey with 5% elastane, approx. 200 g / m², STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.




Loveboat by Cherry Picking

Do we have a true classic for you! The original Cherry Picking “Loveboat” is back as a poplin woven in three classic colourways. One of Anke’s very first fabric designs is one to make the hearts of salty dogs and landlubbers, young and old alike, beat just a little bit faster. Both the small scale repeat and the high quality of this fabric make it just delightful to work with. Use “Loveboats” for blouses, skirts, dresses, tops, handbags, bedding and throw pillows, table fashions, home decor projects, baby items and so much more! Cherry Picking’s origami boats will be available at the Swafing In-House Exhibition in gray, light blue and dark blue.


Design Examples: Cherry Picking. Doll: Catinka Hinkebein


100% cotton, 130 g / m², STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.


Pre-order In-House Exhibition fabrics

Delivery in May



Inked by Cherry Picking

“Inked” is something very special. This photo-realistic digital print of an ink bleed gradient is ethereal interplay of inky blue and delicate pink and apricot hues. The print runs the entire width of the fabric, the repeat is every 100 cm. 


Because the print is continuous, matching patterns just isn’t a thing. Just have fun and play with the large scale repeat. Each item created will be unique! 


Design Examples : naehmaliebe, Petites Chipies & Cherry Picking


Anke from Cherry Picking invites you to get creative with this fresh, new print: Arrange the pink and blue elements this way and that to create your own very individual look! This is “the” fabric for trendsetters wanting something modern and just a little bit different! Choose this high quality material to make dresses, skirts, handbags, accessories, home decor items and much more!


Design examples in our gallery:


100% woven cotton poplin, 130 g / m², STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. Pre-order yours during the Swafing virtual In-House Exhibition until february, 21st. Delivery slated for May.



Happy Kitchen by Steinbeck – Kitchen DIY Set

No matter how well you’ve tended your garden or decorated the living room, every party always ends up in the kitchen. It is where people naturally congregate, because the kitchen is the heart of the home. Steinbeck has three pretty and very practical panel fabrics for stitching up very useful everyday kitchen and dining items. Choose from three great designs: a black and gold design featuring a master chef motif, a gray star design for the star bakers and home chefs, or a black with white polka dot design featuring lucky kitchen angels & devils!

Please note, these panels feature several different expressions in German, such as “made with love,” “enjoy your meal,” “star kitchen” and so on. This will add a touch of Old World flair to your table (and will surely make your strudel taste just like Oma’s).

Each panel contains six great projects for the cooking and dining that can be sewn from the approximately 145cm high piece: An apron featuring a practical tea towel holder, a pot holder, a bread basket, a bread bag, and four coasters and napkin rings each. Here and there on the panel are also many additional little “Happy Kitchen” motifs that can be cut out and appliquéd to these or other projects, for example to make matching kitchen towels or napkins.


Design Examples: STEINBECK / Annesvea.de


All items are clearly labeled on the panel. Even beginners can achieve quick and professional looking results. The projects were developed in creative collaboration between Steinbeck and AnneSvea!



These items can be stitched up quickly as a special housewarming gift, as favors for kitchen party, as workshop projects, and, thanks to the helpful instructions, great first sewing projects for beginners!


Design examples in our gallery:

100% cotton canvas, approx. 230 g / m². 150cm wide, panel height approx. 145 cm. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.
Pre-order yours during the Swafing virtual In-House Exhibition until february, 21st. Delivery slated for May.

Knit jerseys for young and old


Knit Jersey Ocean Breeze

Oh don’t you just love the ocean? With knit jerseys “Ocean Breeze” you can almost feel the sand between your toes and salty sea air in your nose. This modern take on classic whales sold out so very quickly that we are bringing back these maritime designs by popular demand. Choose from whales in three colorways, as well as the coordinating stripes and fish designs!


OmaLie: Shirt Pepe / mialuna24, Size EU 128. JakoKi: Oberteil Miss Easy / Katjuschka, Size EU 36/38. Schlafi / Annas-Country, Size EU 122/128


Cotton knit jersey blend with 10% Elastane weighs in at 230 g / m² and is somewhat heavier than average jerseys and offers a very nice hand. A joy to work with and can be used for so many different projects! STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.



“Ocean Breeze” fabrics mix and match beautifully with knit jersey “Batik”!




Deep dyed knit jersey “Batik”

This beautiful thoroughly dyed cotton knit jersey in batik look is summery chic and boho trendy. Tone on tone and absolutely unisex in five beautiful colors – makes a statement all on its own, but can also be combined any number of patterned or solid knit jerseys. 


Shirt Max / pattydoo, Size L


“Batik” is a cotton knit jersey blend with 6% Elastane, measures 160 cm wide and weighs in at 220g / m². STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. 

Please note, however, for logistical reasons, our guaranteed delivery does not apply to knit jersey “Batik”. Available while supplies last.



Cotton knit jersey “Theo” – fantastic designs for young and old!

“Theo” is Swafing’s cotton jersey blend with 5% Elastane featuring beautiful, new motifs for everyone on your sewing list. Choose from carling children’s motifs and cool prints for adults!



We think you’ll love the Monstera leaves in two versions, as well as the beautiful graphic ikat patterns and geometric triangles.


Kleid Kira / Schnittgeflüster, Size S.  Basicshirt Damen / Fadenkäfer, Size EU 44


And check out this brand new bottle cap design – perfect for the upcoming BBQ season. And this maritime series with doodled paper boats, seagulls and hearts in classic navy and red is great for salty dogs and landlubbers alike!



And don’t forget to pick up the yarn-dyed “Gala” stripes in two widths, which mix and match with our “Theo” knit jerseys perfectly.


Langarm Raglanshirt from the book „Nähen mit Jersey – Kinderleicht!“ by Pauline Dohmen / Klimperklein, Size EU 134. 


Cotton knit jersey blend with 5% Elastane, 220g / m². STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.




“Gala” back by popular demand!

We are so very pleased to be able to fulfill your requests for a new series of our popular “Gala” yarn-dyed striped knit jerseys! In addition to great new red, white and blue stripes in both 2 mm and a bold 3 cm, we also have dreamy stripes contrasted with a neutral gray melange, yummy candy colours and bright crayon hues, as well as many other yarn-dyed stripe jerseys!

94% cotton/6% Elastane blend yarn-dyed knit jersey stripes, 220g / m².




Knit jersey “Jesse” in terrific new designs!

We have a bunch of great new designs on our knit jersey “Jesse”, just in time for our virtual In-House Exhibition:

Generally, we don’t like to differentiate between “boy” and “girl” fabrics – we just want to make designs with something for everyone to love!


„Langarm Raglanshirt mit Brusttasche“ and „Klassischer Pulli mit Paspel“ from the book „Nähen mit Jersey – Kinderleicht!“ by Pauline Dohmen / Klimperklein, both Size EU 134.


Dinosaurs, tools, a super cool design strewn with soccer balls, skateboards, game controllers, and retro boom box – check out this huge collection! Luscious cherries, lucky clovers, unicorns, kittens and horses in three beautiful colorways.



Cute whales and far out outer space designs!


„Strampler ohne Fuß“ from the Book „Nähen mit Jersey-Babyleicht“, „Raglan Babyjacke“ from the book „Nähen mit Jersey-Kinderleicht“, both books by Pauline Dohmen/Klimperklein, Size EU 74. 


Cotton knit jersey blend with 5% Elastane, 220g / m². STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.




Cotton knit jersey “Jonne”

Knit jersey “Jonne” enchants with fantastic florals – simply a must-have for coming warmer weather! Lovely flowers, roses, tropical blossoms and more!


„Kleid mit asymmetrischem Saum“, Size EU 38 and „Einfaches Sweatshirt mit überschnittenen Ärmeln“, Size EU 40 – both pattern from the book „Jersey nähen – Easy Basics“ by  Julia Korff / lillesol & pelle



Basicshirt Damen / Fadenkäfer, Size EU 44 and „Schmales Damenshirt“ from the book „Nähen mit Jersey – Klimpergroß!“ by Pauline Dohmen / Klimperklein, Size M


Colorfully iced sugar skulls are used as “ofrenda” or offerings to friends and family who have passed during the Mexican Día de los Muertos holiday. Stitch up this traditional Day of the Dead design into cool shirts and casual dresses!



Cotton knit jersey blend with 5% Elastane, 220g / m². STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.

Tulle & Cotton Wovens



Elsa: A tulle super star!

Tulle “Elsa” is perfect for magical costume making: witches, wizards, princesses, a snow queen … what is missing from your pretend play dress-up trunk? Of course, “Elsa” is also just the thing for making ballet tutus, tulle petticoats, bed canopies or to use as special gift wrapping! 


Tulle Elsa and Woven Cotton Kim


This tulle features shimmering, silvery hologram foil sparkles on white, black, pink or turquoise tulle net.

Tulle with hologram foil, 100% NY, 55 g/m²

Please note, however, for logistical reasons, our guaranteed delivery does not apply to tulle “Elsa”. Available while supplies last.



Cotton woven “Kim”

Cotton wovens have experienced an incredible upswing in the last year and are in great demand. And no wonder! This fabric variety is perfect for so many different kinds of sewing projects, from clothing, to home décor, to handbags and accessories to everything in between! We have a huge high quality cotton poplin “Kim” collection just waiting for you, including 50 new designs just waiting to be discovered!



Back-to-school will be in full swing soon enough, so stitch up that special first-day-of-school outfit and matching traditional gift cone filled with school supplies and treats. Use “Kim” to make gym bags, pencil cases and so much more. And don’t forget to stitch up matching face masks from the scraps. Choose from alphabet, numbers, school bags, doodles, or a terrific school supply design – we have just the right “Kim” fabric for making all your school ideas come to life.



Your little aspiring paleontologists will love the cool dinosaurs and matching alphabet with dinosaur scales!



What is our favorite thing to do? SEW! For all you sewing creatives out there, we have this fantastic fabric design to express your love of the sewing arts. Sewing machines, dress forms, pattern pieces and all the tools of the trade sewists around the world will recognize. Show the world your love of sewing by making handbags, clothing items, pin cushions or ironing board covers with this design! And we haven’t forgotten the knitters among us: We have a design just for you featuring balls of yarn and knitting needles on this luscious high thread count woven cotton.



And don’t miss these great “Kim” designs: bees and honeycombs in yellow – so sunny, honey! Alpine edelweiss, clovers, cherries and strawberries, leopard patterns, bottle caps and great soccer designs, as well as paw prints, horses and a cute hexagon patchwork design with ever-popular unicorns.



Stripes are simply indispensable: Our new “Kim” stripes in these great colour combinations are sure to add just the right touch! These 3 cm-wide stripes work well with many other “Kim” prints and are also perfectly colour-matched with cotton woven “Heide”. Mix and match to your hearts delight!


Design Example: Milly Bag / pattydoo


100% woven cotton, 130 g/m², STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.




New cotton woven “Dotty” colours – tone-on-tone dots!

Small dots making a big impact! “Dotty” is our much beloved cotton woven polka dot collection. These irregularly placed dots are a perfect a fabric stash staple. Often, just the right combining fabric is what is needed to make the main fabric really shine. Tone-on-tone fabrics add interest and visual depth without competing with the main fabric and making the design look too busy. You asked for new “Dotty” colours. So, just in time for the In-House Exhibition we have 8 new colors, which complement the existing range wonderfully!

New: gray, mint green, dark gray, yellow, orange, kiwi green, lilac and teal blue! 



100% woven cotton, 130 g/m², STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.




Canvas “Happy”: Sew happy!

Sometimes the name for a new fabric is just fits: Canvas “Happy” is simply that! These cheerful designs are just the thing for fun summer sewing. Stitch up picnic blankets, handbags, throw pillows, cushions, small goods, shopping totes, but also sturdy jackets and more from this 230 g / m² cotton canvas.



Choose from several fresh and fabulous fruit designs, including a juicy tropical fruit design, black and white stripes contrasted with bright cherries, and bold lemon and lime prints.  And who can resist the very happy “Happy” design featuring doodles, rainbows and smiling suns in two pastel colourways?



Or grab a few bolts of the cool surfboards designs in all three colourways.


Design Example: Milly Bag / pattydoo


Canvas 100% cotton, 230 g/m², STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.





Softshell “Fiete”

The change in seasons will be upon us soon: Use this time now to stitch up new transitional jackets and coats, as well as all-weather gear for puddle jumping and mud pie making from our amazing softshell! This proven fabric is ideal for those wardrobe pieces needed to keep up with your family’s active lifestyle. Our NANO softshell features a comfortable, breathable membrane, is windproof and water repellent, and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.


Mantel Shiva /Farbenmix, Size EU 98/104


“Fiete” has a gray fleece reverse. Ideal for activewear jackets, vests, pants, and children’s overalls. Stitch up matching gym bags or outdoor pillows and stadium blankets!


Lady Shiva / farbenmix, Size EU 40. Sierra lillesol women No.33 / lillesol & pelle in Size EU 40


Choose from designs sure to please teens and adults alike: roses and beautiful floral motifs, colorful butterflies, swallows that sail through the air, bold leopard prints in retro colors and anchors on traditional navy blue. 


Turnbeutel Josie / Snaply Magazin (Freebook). 


Of course we have several really great children’s designs such as dinosaurs, a silly shark, darling deer and magical unicorns. Get yours while supplies last!



NANO-Softshell, 100% Polyester, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.

Please note, however, for logistical reasons, our guaranteed delivery does not apply to softshell “Fiete”. Available while supplies last.


French Terry


Dress Nike / Fadenkäfer, Size EU 40. 


Modal French Terry “Flavour”

Large patterned French terry “Flavour” is an absolute eye-catcher. Our modal blend summer sweatshirt jersey has a wonderful hand and is ideal for casual dresses, skirts and flowing tops, thanks to its beautiful drape. This sweatshirt fabric made with modal is wonderfully light and a delight to wear. A small amount of elastane in this Swafing summer sweat with modal ensures very nice elasticity and recovery both horizontally and vertically. The large scale bright tropical print creates a wonderful effect when sewn! 

French terry blend 60% cotton / 35% modal / 5% elastane, approx. 265 g / m². STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.


Viskose Wovens



“Carla” floral viscose woven fabric

Blouses and dresses sewn from this supple viscose woven fabric are a must-have in every closet. “Carla” is a beautiful woven fabric made of 100% viscose in four fantastic designs! Choose from a field of abstract blossoms, colorful speckles and splotches, and a design made of abstract dots reminiscent of an animal print.


„Bluse Marisol lillesol women No.30“ / lillesol & pelle, Size EU 38. Nelina / ki-ba-doo, Size EU 38. Oversize-Shirt Ula / Schnittgeflüster in Size EU 32-44 ( Megasizeschnitt). „Last-Minute Rock“ / Make it yours (Freebook)


Viscose woven fabric, 100% VI, 120 g / m², STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.





Get ready for warmer days with “Viola” woven viscose! Gorgeous florals on white or pretty background colors,– simply marvelous for summer dresses, blouses, maxi skirts and tops!
Don’t forget to grab a bolt each of the simple dandelions and the rock-a-billy red cherries and white polka dots on a black background.

Viscose woven fabric, 100% VI, 100 g / m², STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.



Virtuelle Hausmesse Februar 2021



More Information in our Virtual Inhouse-Exhibition Presentation:

Presentation February, 11h, 7:00 PM (CET) – mark your calendars!

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Promotional Images for our Fabric Highlights Virtual In-House Exhibition February 21

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